Sales brochuresSales brochures...

Every sales campaign needs sales brochure support to reinforce the sales process.

Whether your objective is to win new accounts, launch new products and services, or give existing lines a boost.

Because you can't expect every sales prospect to make  detailed notes during every sales presentation.

And you can't expect every sales person to remember every point in every meeting.

However, by investing in the right sales support materials, you can ensure that every sales presentation is supported by 'leave-behind' materials which confirm everything - just the way you want.

So you can be confident that your proposition is consistently reinforced in the most professional manner at every possible opportunity.

And, thanks to modern digital printing techniques, smaller print volumes of B2B presentations in particular can be produced for a compellingly low cost.

The brochure development process...

First, we'll gather all the information from you in a brief, which will be drawn from conversations with you, your website and information you will email to us.

Every care will be taken to ensure the design and 'tone of voice' of your brochures is consistent with the brand/personality of your business.

Once we have agreed the brochure size, style, and whether it will be 'long copy' or more 'bullet point' and punchy etc, we go on to develop the words and design.

Once you are confident that your message is coming across in exactly the way you want it, your brochure 'goes to print'.

And to help you prepare your budget, often we're able to write, design and print 500 brochures for around £500 - yes £1 per brochure. 

What next?

To begin the process simply call Performance Bonus on 01291 623355 now.