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Measure mobile worker activity with GPS vehicle tracking and on-line reports...

Now you can get instant timesheets, mileage reports, call reports and customer activity reports that are better than if you were able to sit beside every member of your team all day every day, writing down everything that happens!

The benefits you will experience range from faster, more accurate invoicing to streamlined, safer, lower cost operations.

Because the reports that detail and time every action and route taken are available instantly online and are summarised into easy to follow key Performance Indicators for any period you want.

Just think how dramatically you will improve the efficiency of your mobile team thanks to monitoring this powerful.

Costing just pennies per day, your automated on-line 'trip' and 'stop' reports will show how efficient your team is with their time.How long are they spending driving to visit each client's premises?

Plus you can monitor mileages travelled per vehicle to plan when to rotate vehicles across the team for the best cost and trade-in efficiencies.

And, because staff will know the vehicle they are using is being monitored, they are less likely to abuse your trust through excessive speeding, or abusing the fuel you provide.

So now you can look forward to increased efficiency, reduced fuel costs, less speeding ticket administration, accidents and lower insurance premiums.

- Cost saving
- Operational efficiency
- Health & Safety
- Vehicle crime
...Are the 4 top regularly quoted reasons for companies implementing this technology.

And all but the most flagrant abusers of trust in their businesses welcome its introduction.

Plus the companies themselves enjoy a virtually instantaneous return on their 'pennies per day' investment. (Full funding provided).

Don't you think the time has come to at least consider 'piloting' this technology to quantify the benefits a roll-out across your team could give you?

So, call us on 01291 623355 now and lets get started.