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Save cost through a carbon reduction campaign ...

The management of the environmental impact of your business is a core business issue...

...Because, in addition to unleashing numerous promotion opportunities, hundreds of businesses are also saving thousands of pounds...

...They have discovered that 'caring for the environment' is the 'key' which unlocks employee passion to cut waste and discover improvements that transform profitability - way beyond just energy savings benefits.

...However, according to the Carbon Trust, UK non manufacturing businesses are still missing hundreds of millions of pounds worth of easy savings every year.

...Apparently, only 15% of large companies, 12% of medium companies and 1% of the general business community know their carbon footprints.

And these businesses are ignoring significant savings from simple changes in the way they use energy, and the way they motivate their people.

Plus, the Carbon Reduction Commitment  scheme, with its legal obligations starts in April 2010. (Next year!)

And this threatens that, in addition to the reputation damage caused by failure to comply, significant fines can also be levied.

So let me help you to convert these threats into opportunities by establishing in-house activities (run by your people) to manage down your business' carbon emissions and unit production cost.

Not surprisingly, I see this as an area of significant opportunity. Which is good news for you...

Because I have invested significant time and money in developing a  5 step programme to identify and reduce business energy costs. And would like to take your business through it.

Step 1. We'll collate information about your current annual energy use and targeted reductions (per unit produced) and:

  • Work out your 'baseline' and 'targets'.
  • Identify process owners and brief your Carbon Action Team (CAT) members.
  • Step 2. We activate your Carbon Action Team (CAT) and:

  • Set-up your Key Performance Indicators evidence pack
  • Communicate regular measurements to employees and customers.
  • Identify opportunities for new technologies.
  • Complete prioritised equipment reviews and identify available grants.
  • Use KPIs to set smart objectives for reduction down to dept/ individual.
  • Step 3. We identify your business' position regarding CRC and input to budgeting and planning processes for the allowances you may need.

    Step 4. We extend the use of process efficiency techniques to identify other opportunities to save cost and boost profitability across your business.

    Step 5. We ensure continuous improvement is established, which constantly identifies, recognises and celebrates the achievements of individuals and teams in your business...

    The outputs you will receive from the programme will be:

  • An evaluation of your CRC position
  • The development of your 'evidence pack' for addition/further evaluation
  • Calculation of your carbon footprint
  • Implementation of specific cost saving opportunities.
  • Conversion of identified opportunities into hard cash savings/results.
  • Performance improvement skills improvement among your people.
  • So, call me on 01291 623355 now or leave your details on our contact page and I'll call you.

    Kind regards

    David Burton