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Reduce marketing waste

Every prospect exposed to an advert or promotion who ignores it, or fails to be positively 'influenced' by it represents wasted marketing spend.

...Just stop and consider for a moment... Do you just assume that if you’ve hit your sales target, the marketing must have been working... and vice versa..?

Or is yours a more 'robustly engineered' and measured approach?

Benchmarking your promotions against your competitors will show you exactly where to invest your promotional budget with lazer accuracy.

To demonstrate this technique, we applied a 'Lean' approach to a selection of  car adverts, giving each advert a score out of 6 for each of 6 identified elements of what makes an advert successful...

Headline | Picture/illustration | Copy | Offer/Price | Response details/website |
Overall layout | Giving a total possible score of 36

The evaluations can be seen on (opens in new window) a car marketing blog we began developing with the objective of identifying and sharing best practice across the car industry. (Unfortunately, resource constraints have stopped us from being able to develop it further).

This technique can be used in just about any sector and for any product or service, plus low cost 'online research tools' can quickly gather scores from your own staff, distributers and dealers to understand what they really think about your marketing.

A measured approach to advertising is wonderfully demonstrated in this Marketing classic book, written nearly 100 years ago, which you can download here completely FREE Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins.

And if you would like a fresh 'pair of eyes' to comment on your promotions, or help evaluate an advertising agency pitch etc, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. 

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