Direct mail marketing services to keep you 'front of mind'...

Because, in the words of the world record holding car salesman Joe Girard  "even word of mouth needs a little help".

Click here to download our dealer mailing services brochure Joe discovered the massive results available from integrating regular direct mail messages into his sales development activities.
Long before email, let alone email marketing was even thought of, Joe had a simple direct mailing programme at the heart of his world beating sales process.
And when you're running an exciting promotion, incentive or motivation programme, timely reminders that keep you 'front of mind' in your target audience can multiply your results.
We should talk about how Performance Bonus can help you run your own mailing activities, so you can avoid 'drowning in detail' or excessive agency costs.

Our direct mail and email marketing services...

Planning - to help you decide on the best prospects to mail, the best offers to make, the best things to test and the level of budget to set.

Copy writing - to craft headlines which communicate clear,  and desirable benefits. Followed by body copy to substantiate claims, overcome objections and move the reader towards making the desired response.

Targeting and data cleansing - to ensure that your database has...
Design, print & dispatch - of mailing materials, keeping a tight control of costs and never forgetting that the objective is to achieve the best financial yield for you from the activity.

But first, we need to listen to you and understand your situation...

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