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Lean thinking helps you achieve more... with less...

Lean thinking is all about systematically reducing waste and wasted effort, while maximising the value delivered to your customers.

So it’s hardly surprising that the public sector and health professionals in particular have joined the commercial sector in developing and driving through waste elimination programmes.

Because successful Lean implementation provides an impressive 'win-win' for your business, your employees and your customers.

8 categories of waste are systematically managed down/eliminated using Lean techniques:
1. Defects/errors
2. Overproduction
3. Inventories (in process or finished goods)
4. Unnecessary processing & re-work
5. Unnecessary movement of people
6. Unnecessary transport of goods
7. Waiting
8. Designing goods and services that don’t meet customer's

For example, in sales, every enquiry which doesn’t result in a sale is regarded as waste, because it required resources to generate it.

In the same way, unscheduled rest periods at service stations use up expensive resource, which should be focused on delivering value to your customers.

Originally developed at Toyota, lean began in manufacturing businesses, but the techniques are often just as valid in service and even retail industries.
Lean projects traditionally pass through 5 stages:
1. Define
2. Measure
3. Analyse
4. Improve
5. Control

I would be delighted to help lead you through implementing a lean programme in your operations...

...From defining your performance improvement project and mapping the processes you need improved, through to handing over updated operating procedures for your faster, more reliable, lower cost, process.

And our low cost workflow software can (if appropriate) help to ensure that your new working processes are maintained and monitored for effectiveness

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