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Improve marketing by eliminating waste...

... According to the classic marketing book by Claude C Hopkins, the objective of modern advertising is to eliminate waste...

And writing way back in 1926, Claude was 'well ahead of the curve' in terms of bringing lean thinking into sales and marketing.

Because every prospect exposed to an advert or promotion who ignores it, or fails to be positively 'touched' by it represents wasted marketing spend...

Now, nearly 100 years after Claude put pen to paper, there’s still a long way to go in many businesses to implement many of his key "know your results" principles.

In fact, a recent Cranfield Business School study, described marketers as “unaccountable, untouchable, slippery and expensive”.

And this is due, at least in part to another of Claude's observations, "adwriters... forget they are salesmen and try to be performers. Instead of sales, they seek applause".

So it's not surprising then, that as soon as cash is tight, the marketing budget is the easiest place to make the first cuts...

...Because if it was demonstrating a strong Return on Investment, nobody would dream of challenging it.

The problem is however, that flashy or quirky design is often given priority over checking whether your marketing investment is yielding a solid return...

...The return which comes from 'getting under the skin' of your customers' problems, and build processes and materials to:
1. Understand the value customers receive from your product or service
2. Communicate that value cost effectively to your target audience.
3. Convert interested prospects into customers.
4. Retain and build customer relationships.
5. Know your results and keep testing for improvement.

Fortunately, there are a number of examples of 'best practice' which you can follow to achieve the results you need.

And, may we recommend the best place to start is to read Claude's book.

David Ogilvy, claimed this book changed his life, and is reported to have said “nobody should serve in any advertising function until they have read this book 5 times”.

And Drayton Bird, calls it  "A must-read for anybody serious about marketing or advertising."

Download a free instant copy, with our compliments by clicking here.

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