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Performance Management...

Central to any performance management activity, is the acronym 'SMART', which ensures objectives are Specific, Measurable, Realistic, and Time-bound...

And this acronym resolves many of the problems facing those who struggle to articulate what needs to happen to transform strategy into action.

One of the main reasons for companies failing to achieve their goals, is their inability to break down a strategic aspiration into a workable action plan which can be delegated effectively to every member of the team.

Therefore, the term SMART is central to any performance management activity:

I have many years experience planning workflow, then translating it into job descriptions and SMART objectives for each role, to ensure everyone has clear, straightforward goals to aim for.

I would love to help you find the right words to progress your:
High level strategy
New product innovations
Department reorganisations

So if you’re looking for another pair of hands to ensure all job descriptions and objectives are cascaded down to individual level. I would be delighted to help you fill in the detail.

But first I need to listen to you and understand your situation and put the right solution together...

So, call us on 01291 623355 now or complete the form on our contact page and we'll call you.