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Employee surveys
our employee survey needs to identify actions for improvement, rather than just be a 'snapshot measure' of corporate morale...

And since trust is so key to the relationship between staff and their employer, an anonymous survey which shows management 'acting in good faith' is the best way to begin a continuous improvement programme.

But don’t just take our word for it...

Sample staff survey link

... CIPD research identified that giving your employees a voice within your business, so they can ask questions and recommend improvements (without fear of upsetting senior management) is the best foundation on which employee engagement can be built.

And when working with Performance Bonus, you’ll remain firmly in control of the process, simply letting us take all the ‘hassle’ of delivery away.

... All you have to do is, talk to us about what you would like to achieve, look at a draft questionnaire, discuss any changes you’d like to our draft proposal and then act on the results we present to you.

We will provide the online survey software and links for you to email to your people... and can even provide gifts to incentivise response.

A quick pre-survey exercise will help you identify questions you should be asking, and avoid asking questions which are driven more by preconceptions, than the real issues that effect your people.

We'll help you prove to your staff that your survey isn’t just a piece of showmanship that’s ‘put on a shelf and dusted down each year’...

We’ll draft communications that are inclusive for all staff and clearly explain the aims of the survey along with a ‘survey results update’ detailing actions which have resulted, to prove the value and build trust further.

But before anything happens, we first need to listen to you and understand your situation...

So, call us on 01291 623355 now