Sales performance Management..

Transform your sales results by turning disconnected sales and marketing activities into a joined-up, integrated operation.

Some busineses assume that if more sales happen, the sales team must have done a great job... and if sales fall, there must be something wrong with the marketing...

Can you identify more with this than you'd really like to admit, or is yours truly a 'robustly engineered' and measured approach?

Because sales performance management done properly blends your marketing and sales to create an integrated, tightly managed, revenue generating machine.

Many current UK sales processes result in 9 out of every 10 leads/targets being abandoned early in the sales process.

And when sales and marketing account for up to half of your company's direct costs, that's potentially up to 45% of your costs completely wasted!

... Just compare that with the other extreme - Lean Six Sigma manufacturing, which aims for 99.99% quality (3.4 errors per million opportunities).

Now, while we don't believe that the human art of selling can be converted into a 99.99% precision process, we do believe that between these two extremes lies an incredible opportunity to revolutionise the number and profitability of sales transactions.

And this opportunity is realised by replacing the salesperson's 'gut feel', with discipline at each stage of finding, winning and keeping customers.

You need to go deeper than 'how many calls did we make'? And "these guys need training on how to close!"

Because you need to know that your marketing produces quality leads and opportunities, that quality sales activities predictably and profitably convert.

The first step is to get an accurate and shared understanding of who your customers are, and to view life from their perspectives as 'what will make them want to buy', rather than 'how can we get them to say yes', ensuring the process is broken down in terms relevant to 'their', not just 'our' perspective.

Next, each stage in the process is measured for activity and outcome, and the output (conversion) rates between key stages are calculated, to establish a performance base line.

Then it's time to 'home-in' on the factors which are most likely to have the desired effect of moving more customers forward at each stage.

This is done by 'value mapping' your customers' needs and ensuring this Voice of the Customer is embedded in all activities and messages your company 'takes to market'.

Ultimately the sales process gathers a natural momentum, with lost opportunities being identified in the same way as errors in production line assembly, root causes being identified and solutions brainstormed.  

A short investigation of your business and initial presentation regarding how we would recommend improving the situation is likely to cost in the region of just £1,000. However, an initial conversation is completely free.

So, if you would like to see a more measured approach to boosting your sales and profitability,  call us on 01291 623355 now and let's get started.

What have you got to lose?