Sales incentive reward cards

Sales incentives with the power of Visa and Mastercard, rewarding in over 30 Million places around the world...

Whether you want a sales incentive programme that converts Sage or other reports into your own online points banking solution, or just want to make an occasional one-off award with a spreadsheet. Regardless of the size of your organisation, your people can benefit from the contactless Mastercard product from Performance Bonus.
Companies looking for fewer than 200 cards can choose the 'Bonus' card (which can be packaged with a covering letter on your stationery to 'make it your own').
And companies looking for more than 200 cards can have their own branding (subject to card scheme acceptance) to really emphasise their company's message.

Incentive reward card image

Our card products have been designed in discussion with and accepted by HMRC as 'non cash vouchers' and as such qualify for Taxed Award Scheme or PAYE Settlement arrangement status, taking them outside your monthly PAYE processes.

As you can imagine, your online reward solution quickly becomes a rich source of management information. Plus, tiered functionality can ensure that only relevant information is provided to each user group and abuse potential is minimized.

Save time - With automated rewards calculations
Motivate people - With online points banking
Manage risk - With a full audit trail of all transactions
Monitor progress - With tiered 'drill down' reporting
Impress - With your branding.

A sales incentive bonus that is accepted in 30 Million places around the world is much more more appreciated than either a physical gift - eg hamper, or a store voucher restricted by brand/s.
This flexibility of being accepted in over 30 million places globally, including online, makes the card the most flexible reward, truly capable of “pleasing all the people all of the time”.
And reloading of cards is 100% electronic, saving on delivery costs (both financial and environmental).
Please note that on scheme set-up, all organisations will be subject to our 'Anti Money Laundering' checks process.