Manage remote team activity with GPS and on-line reports...

Get instant timesheets, mileage and activity reports better than sitting beside every member of your team all day every day!
With an automated 'best driver' BONUS incentive option.
Just £11.50 per month, no set-up charge
(12month min) for award winning Quartix solution

Welcome to the world of faster, more accurate invoicing and streamlined, safer, lower cost operations.
Now you can instantly get reports summarised into easy to follow key Performance Indicators for any period you want.

Just £11.50 per vehicle per month gets the award winning, most popular InfoPlus Quartix GPS telemetry product - key features of which are:

  • Live location with 1 minute updates (and privacy settings)
  • Driver safe speed reports
  • Driver safety scores
  • GeoFencing
  • Real-time alerts by text and email
  • Monthly Fleet Utilisation Charts
  • Management KPI 'Dashboards' & Data
  • Driver Timesheets Online
  • Vehicle Route 'Replay'
  • Google Maps with satellite view & traffic
  • Emailed Daily and Weekly Reports

  • Your automated on-line 'trip' and 'stop' reports will show how efficient your team is with their time.

  • How long are they spending driving to visit each customer/client's premises?
  • How long did each visit last?
  • How many meetings/jobs did they achieve in a day/week/month?
  • Are their expense reports as accurate as they should be?
  • What speeds and how safely are your people driving in your vehicles? - use the safety scoring feature to choose your best/safest driver over whatever period.
  • When did their working day start and end?
  • What proportion of their time is spent at particular locations..?
  • Monitor fleet utilisation per vehicle to plan when to rotate vehicles across the team for the best cost and trade-in efficiencies.
  • Safer driver incentive.
    Because there's more to driver safety than just enforcing the speed limit

    The sad statistics show that a high proportion of fatal accidents take place on rural roads, often within the legal speed limit.
    Many tight bends on 60mph roads should actually be taken at below 30mph, which highlights a key aspect of safe driving that our approach helps to nurture.

    Measuring the speed of thousands of vehicles every day across the country enabled Quartix to design the 'Queens Award for Innovation' winning SafeSpeed database.
    The SafeSpeed database compares a driver’s speed, at any location with the average speed of other vehicles that have travelled on that same section of road.

    Combining SafeSpeed data with harsh acceleration and braking measurements (and speed limit compliance) creates an easy-to-understand, colour-coded (Green, Amber, Red) 'daily driver' score for each vehicle or driver. So managers can instantly recognise who needs to improve their skills.

    This Driver League table and the Performance Bonus BONUS Mastercard make it simple and easy to run competitions and incentive rewards. Plus by keeping the prizes below £50 income tax complexities could also be saved.

    And the savings don't stop there because monitoring and improving driving styles can often save up to 15% in fuel costs plus reduce the risk of accident and injury with all their associated human and financial costs.

    Training your staff to drive safely is easy with the Quartix product suite. The range of reports like speed, acceleration and braking profiles, give you all the data you need to influence and encourage safe, economical driving behaviour. All the 'number crunching' is automatically done for you, with driving style trend reports able to quickly highlight improving or deteriorating behaviour and key locations or times of the week where the risks are higher.

    FREE Mobile App for drivers - Drivers can even have access to their own driving style reports via the mobile app, without giving them access to other drivers' information. They can see the speeds they travelled at different stages in their day together with the acceleration and braking scores for that same time period.

    The App shows each driver their Daily Driver Score, so they can see their style of driving at the end of each day/week, and review previous days to see how their driving style has improved.And app is of course free to download with no limit to the number of people who can use the app per account .

    So, call us now on 01291 623355 to discover more about getting started.