We're a company 'on a mission' to help Millions of people earn more.

Performance Bonus was established in 2001, and ever since our focus has been to deliver measurable improvements for our clients.
We help organisations deliver real rewards on prepaid Visa or Mastercard products, which are accepted in over 30 million places globally.
Perfect for rewarding anyone - full timers, part timers, brokers or resellers.
Our Bonus Administrator application solves the pain of incentive scheme administration by automating reward calculation, delivery and record keeping.
And all you need is a spreadsheet to get started.
Our core values are;
+ Innovation
+ Integrity
+ Quality
+ Fun


'BONUS' contactless reward card
- Launched 2019.

The latest release of our Bonus Administrator application now enables rapid, low cost delivery of our prepaid bonus card services to new clients. This frees us from needing to develop each solution separately, which was the one thing holding us back.
Plus we have extended our card issuer and programme operator partnerships, so we now offer our own 'un-branded' card very cost effectively for smaller schemes and can also help you to quickly put your brand in your staff and customers' pockets. (Min for your design = 200 cards).
So with these innovations and supported by our fabulous team, we are looking forward to a great 2020.
- We'd love you to join us!

MotorV8 prepaid Visa card
- Launched 2012.

In November 2012, The MotorV8 REWARDS programme converted away from offering multi-store vouchers for redeeming points and the prepaid Visa card was launched under the MotoNovo Finance brand. This enabled reward recipients to spend their points all around the world, both online and in shops/restaurants. So pleased was the client that the cards were also distributed among their own staff.
The MotorV8 programme was then further developed in 2014, when the calculation of dealership rewards was determined by Customer Satisfaction Scores collected from customers at the time of signing their finance agreements.- The happier the customer and more customer focused the sales process, the higher the reward for the sales person.

- Launched 2004.

The most successful UK car finance incentive programme was originally launched in 2004 for MotoNovo Finance.
Converting daily uploads of new business data into rewards points, banked online and then converted into a range of single brand and multi-store vouchers to enable thousands of motor dealers and their salespeople to choose their own reward.
MotorV8 REWARDS, with its highly sophisticated rewards calculation and points banking capabilities still remains at the forefront of motor trade incentives.

Performance Bonus Ltd
- Founded 2001.

The company was founded by the current CEO, David Burton, following a career of more than 20 years with a range of leading financial services companies including Lloyds and Standard Chartered Banking groups.
Our first client, Carlyle Finance has remained a client to the present day, transforming into the second largest independent used car finance company in the UK - MotoNovo Finance.
Helping MotoNovo Finance achieve this incredible growth over the last 19 years has enabled us to refine the systems, products and techniques which we now provide.