Prepaid cards and payment solutions

As you will imagine, we have built up an impressive knowledge of the card and payments ecosystem and its suppliers

You might want to:
Streamline your payment processes to occasional workers
Deliver valuable employee benefits for a compelling cost
Save costs on expenses administration
Give credit that can only be spent with you
Develop a completely new fintech concept

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We welcome conversations with organisations looking to find existing solutions, or to 'push the boundaries'. Some of the card based products we can help with are as follows:

Full card functionality
Imagine a bank current account, complete with online banking and debit card. Now imagine that, subject to secure password access to your portal, you could load funds onto tens, hundreds, thousands... of these cards by uploading little more than a spreadsheet file. The debit card can be used by your people at the point of sale and in ATMs all around the world. Just about the only difference with a bank current account is that there is no overdraft facility.
However, unlike the traditional bank current account, account holders qualify for a range of automated CashBack and online discount promotions. So, in many ways, this product offers significantly greater value than the average traditional bank current account. It is therefore a fabulous way to deliver part time/temporary staff payroll or expenses management solutions and offers genuine employee benefits.

Restricted card functionality
Each restricted functionality card is specified to meet our clients' precise requirements.
For example, to comply with HMRC 'Non cash Voucher' requirements for third party incentives, we have developed a card product which cannot be used to withdraw cash in ATMs along with a number of other important restrictions.

Private label
By excluding the Visa/Mastercard logo from a card and restricting the card's use to your Merchant ID codes, yet continuing to use the card scheme infrastructure, we are able to deliver your own stored value programmes.
These programmes can have your own expiry dates and therefore provide prompt refund (breakage) of unused funds to you. In fact, thanks to our network of financial services contacts, we can even provide highly cost effective stored value funding services. So that the only significant impact on your cash-flow is when a customer actually redeems their value for your products or services.
However, since this is a highly technical area each promotion is completely unique.

Whatever you want to achieve, call Performance Bonus for a jargon free chat.
Please note that on scheme set-up, all organisations will be subject to our 'Anti Money Laundering' checks process.