Bonus Administrator, incentive scheme management

Simple online administration of your rewards programme, lets you set up new cardholders, reload cards remotely, keep leaver records up to date and automatically keep the records you need. Supported by our friendly helpdesk team, Our Bonus Administrator Application;

Lets you deliver the most sought after prepaid rewards cards without needing to leave your desk.
Provides a 'front end' solution to simplify the calculation of rewards value to be awarded
Enables you to plan and approve internally before you execute

Incentive reward card image

Key benefits being
- Prepaid cards to deliver rewards
- Cost effective/secure reward distribution
- Highly valued rewards that can be spent in over 30 million places globally
- Management Information to facilitate HMRC reporting
- Customer Services to help look after your scheme members
- Proven systems and processes developed from years supporting successful schemes
- All can be driven from simple spreadsheets so very time efficient