Incentive reward cards

Simple to order and to load/re-load, while automatically keeping record of who has had what and why...

Now, regardless of the size of your organisation, your people can benefit from the globally accepted contactless Mastercard reward card from Performance Bonus - Google Pay and Apple Pay included.
Companies looking for a small number of cards can choose the 'Bonus' card (which can be packaged with a covering letter on your stationery to 'make it your own').
Your people simply login to to manage their account and keep track of their balance. And companies looking for more than 250 cards can have their own branding on the card, with their own branded cardholder app to really emphasise their company's message.

Incentive reward card image

Rather than pay a cash bonus and have to deal with all the complexities of doing that through your payroll, for a gift that will soon be forgotten as it is 'swallowed up' in everyone's monthly spending, the beneficial impact of distributing cards bearing the company’s brand is felt many times.

- When the award/scheme is first announced
- When envelopes are first opened to reveal your personalised, embossed, contactless cards.
- When the card is used to buy something (virtually whatever is desired from virtually anywhere in the world)
- After the purchase is made, the association between the company and the purchase is maintained because everyone will remember what they used the card to buy… “we went out for a meal, I bought a new ‘top’, we bought the turkey…”
Carrying a company’s MasterCard in a wallet/purse etc reinforces the value of the company/employee relationship very cost effectively.

Giving cards which are restricted as non cash vouchers, makes them eligible for inclusion in an organisation’s PAYE Settlement Arrangement (delaying the tax/NI due on payments in the current tax year to HMRC until October 2020, simplifying the calculations and administration). .

A Christmas bonus that is accepted in 30 Million places around the world has researched among over 700 people as being more appreciated than either a physical gift - eg hamper, or a store voucher restricted by brand/s.
This flexibility of being accepted in over 30 million places globally, including online, makes the card the most flexible reward, truly capable of “pleasing all the people all of the time”.
And reloading of cards is 100% electronic, saving on delivery costs (both financial and environmental).
Please note that on scheme set-up, all organisations will be subject to our 'Anti Money Laundering' checks process.